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  • Wackersdorf, Germany

    Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, Wackersdorf

    Gerresheimer Wackersdorf Plant

    formerly Gerresheimer Wilden GmbH, Wackersdorf

    Oskar-von-Miller-Strasse 6
    92442 Wackersdorf
    Phone: +49 9431 639-7000
    Email: click here


    The Wackersdorf facility

    The Service Center of Gerresheimer Wackersdorf GmbH pools the group’s sales, engineering and administration expertise. The centralization of the Sales and Engineering Center (SEC) and Technical Competence Center (TCC) allows fast-track, direct communication between different departments for an excellent customer service.

    Service range:

    At the SEC, the sales team works in close cooperation with application engineers and conception and calculation experts. Our Technical Competence Centers (TCC) in Wackersdorf (Germany), Peachtree City (USA) and Dongguan City (China) are the “technical hearts” of Gerresheimer Medical Systems – both in terms of product and process development. All important cross-departmental functions right through to the launch of large-scale production are deliberately pooled under the roof of the TCC. Engineers, technicians and skilled workers from product development, manufacturing equipment engineering, project management, quality planning, pilot plant, product launch and industrialization work hand in hand. This synergy ensures a short start-up phase during production transfer and a fast time-to-market.

    Facts and figures:

    A total of 350 staff members are working at the SEC and TCC Wackersdorf with a production area of more than 10,000 sqm. The TCC operates an inhouse 400 sqm clean room to ISO class 8 (100,000), a measuring chamber with product-specific test equipment and a quality laboratory. The quality lab combines the material testing laboratory and the test bay for incoming goods control and the verification of component functions. Development-related analyses are conducted in a polymer analysis laboratory.


    The facility is certified to ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

    General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, Wackersdorf

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    Contact us!
    Medical Systems
    Gerresheimer Regensburg GmbH, Wackersdorf
    +49 9431 639-0