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  • Münster, Germany

    Gerresheimer item GmbH

    Gerresheimer Münster item GmbH

    Am Mittelhafen 10
    48155 Münster
    Phone: + 49 251 490 944-0
    E-Mail: please click


    Gerresheimer item GmbH is an innovative service provider for strategic
    product development and product design for pharmaceutical and medical technology products.

    Service range and specialties:

    Gerresheimer item GmbH offers a whole service range, from concept development right through to point-of-sale product innovation management, IP management, design, development, optimization for polymer processing, prototyping, quality management and clinical studies/samples.

    Our product design department works hand in hand with the Technical Competence Centers at Wackersdorf (Germany) and Peachtree City (USA). This way, many years of industrialization experience are brought to bear on our product development processes. Compatibility with the requirements of polymer processing, assembly and testing is already analyzed when the new products are designed. Our customers benefit from shorter lead times, lower development costs and minimized project risks, as the product need no longer be optimized for polymer processing.

    Facts and figures:

    Our team of 20 specialists analyzes product design and development from various different angles. The main focus is on user requirements and specifications as well as on functional and technical demands and the design itself.
    Gerresheimer item GmbH was deliberately set up as an independent company. For customers, developing products with Gerresheimer item GmbH means that after completion of the product development phase, customers are free to choose their production facility – within or without Gerresheimer Group.


    Gerresheimer item is certified to ISO 50001, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

    Contact us!
    Medical Systems
    Gerresheimer item GmbH
    +49 251 490 944-0